Until I Breathe


Until I Breathe is a first person sci-fi 3D narrative adventure with survival elements set in an intergalactic hospital spaceship developed in Unity3D.

The main character is Jack Kevorkian, a spaceship passenger left alone inside his cryostasis capsule after a destructive incident. His mission is to find and save his daughter, a patient of the hospital area of the spaceship.

It’s a 5-months Digital Bros Game Academy project. Texts and dubbing are totally in italian.


13-man: 6 designers, 4 artists, 3 programmers

My role

Lead Designer

Executed tasks

  • – Collaboration with lead project to write first pitch
  • – Ideation of game logics and mechanics with other designers
  • – Redaction of GDD
  • Coordination of designers
  • Collaboration with lead programmer to create a Unity tool for designers
  • Collaboration with lead artist to create game mood
  • – Design and implementation of UI in Unity
  • – Implementation of level design in Unity
  • – Bug fixing and features programming in C#
  • Q/A

Technology used

  • Documents: Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Power Point)
  • Game engine: Unity3D
  • Collaboration tool: Trello
  • Team tasks tracking: Slack
  • Git: SourceTree (with Bitbucket and GitLab)
  • – Flow chart: yEd
  • Cloud storage: OneDrive
  • – Team communication: Telegram

Screenshots (Work in Progress)