Gormiti is a 2D mobile game of the new Gormiti line-up for children aged 4-12.
Players can create teams of 3 fighters and face opponents in real-time strategic battles.
There is also an entire section, the Collection, dedicated to the discovery of the universe of Gorm. Here it’s possible to navigate a compendium of information and aesthetic contents that can be unlocked by inserting physical toys codes.

My role

Game Lead / Game Designer

Executed tasks

  • – Ideation of game logics and mechanics with the team
  • UX design
  • – Redaction of GDD for the client
  • – Redaction of an internal GDD for the team
  • – Battle system design in Google Sheet
  • – Organization of all contents given by the client
  • – Q/A

Technology used

  • – Documents: Google Docs, Google Sheet
  • – Game engine: Unity3D
  • – Platform: Mobile (iOS, Android)
  • – Collaboration tool: Jira
  • – Git: SourceTree
  • – Flow chart: draw.io
  • – Cloud storage: Google Drive
  • – Team communication: Slack