Final Goal


Final Goal is a local multiplayer arcade soccer game for 2 to 8 players designed for AirConsole.
The game experience is a mix of titles like Virtua Striker 4 (more “realistic”) and Redcard (more arcade).
The game is thought to be easy to learn for casual players and satisfying to play with AirConsole mobile controls.
Aesthetically, Final Goal recalls classic arcade soccer games but with a re-modernized 3D graphics.

My role

Game Lead / Game Designer

Executed tasks

  • Pitch to the client
  • – Ideation of game logics and mechanics with the team
  • – UX design
  • – Redaction of GDD for the client
  • – Redaction of an internal GDD for the team
  • – Organization of all contents
  • – Q/A

Technology used

  • – Documents: Google Docs, Google Sheet
  • – Game engine: Unity3D
  • – Platform: Webgl (Airconsole)
  • – Collaboration tool: Jira
  • – Git: SourceTree
  • – Flow chart: yED
  • – Cloud storage: Google Drive
  • – Team communication: Slack